Money Management Fees

Our Fee Structure

It is of the utmost importance that you work with a financial advisor that places your best interest before their own. As a fiduciary advisor, we do not receive outside commissions, trading expenses, kickbacks, or any other form of compensation. This is all an effort to ensure to our clients are receiving honest financial advice. Learn more about the importance of a fiduciary financial advisor.

Financial Advisor Fees

Our fee-based investment management schedule is designed to be fair and transparent. We do not bill our clients in advance, nor do we charge our clients a “liquidation fee” if funds are needed. There are no mandatory holding periods nor are there other hidden charges. Our goal is to have happy clients so they will stay with us for the long-term under their own free will. With the help of a Bull Oak Capital financial planner, you’ll be able to follow an investment strategy that’s best for you in order to help you reach your financial goals.

The only fee our firms collects from our clients is the Assets Under Management (AUM) fee. We don’t charge financial planning fees, onboarding fees, or other ancillary costs for our financial advice. The AUM fee is taken directly from our clients accounts every month.  In an effort to provide complete transparency, we also show our fee calculations on the  monthly statements provided to clients.

Our account minimum is $1MM and the monthly AUM fee is calculated using a linear schedule (not tiered). We bill our clients in arrears using the standard schedule provided.

Assets We ManageAnnual Fee
$1MM – $3MM0.89%
$3MM – $5MM0.79%
$5MM – $10MM0.69%
$10MM – $20MM0.59%
$20MM and above0.49%