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Category: Financial Planning & Budgeting

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Why Retirement Planning Is Important

Do you know what your target retirement age will be? Have you assessed what your costs will be post-retirement? Have you thought about your…

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How To Choose a Financial Advisor

If you are in the market for financial advice, chances are you are considering working with a financial advisor. Making the right choice when…

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How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost?

When selecting a financial advisor, one of the most important considerations for many individuals is how much the service will cost them. Understanding the…

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Why You Need To Work With A True Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Is there a difference between a financial advisor, a financial consultant, and a wealth manager? What about a financial planner, a registered representative, and…

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Rising Interest Rates and its Effects

After nearly a decade of speculation, interest rates have finally began to increase as inflation has started to pick up (about time). The impact…

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Should I Rollover My 401k?

Though clients come to Bull Oak for a variety of San Diego financial services, a common question we’re asked is “should I rollover my…

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Rental Income and Retirement Planning

While there are many options for San Diego financial services, real estate questions are frequent and it’s important to consult a financial advisor when…

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Who Will Inherit Prince’s Estate?

Prince died unexpectedly in Minnesota on April 21st and the cause of his death is still a mystery. There are reports that Prince died…

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2016 Five Star Wealth Manager Award

For this week’s newsletter, I talk about winning a wealth manager award and fiduciary responsibility. 2016 Five…

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