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Category: International Markets & Economies

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Universal Basic Income is a Bad Idea

There has been a lot of talk about Universal Basic Income (UBI) lately. It has recently resurfaced as former Presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang, called…

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The Coronavirus and Your Portfolio

Wow, what a week. Global equity markets sold off in dramatic fashion. The S&P 500 closed down -11% and the Dow -12%. …

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The U.S. Economy Dodged A Bullet in 2019

There is very little doubt that the U.S. economy narrowly avoided a recession this year. We faced numerous concerns that threatened economic growth, and…

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US – China Trade War: In For The Long Haul

There is no doubt about it. The US and China are in a full-blown trade war. And as a result, investors have seen the…

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Tightening Conditions & Slowing Economies

Yesterday’s market pullback was a fairly steep one. The S&P 500 fell by -3.29% and the NASDAQ fell by -4.1% as tech names led…

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Trade War Between the U.S. and China: Nobody Wins

(Originally published on 4/6/18. Updated on 9/9/18.) We live in a global economy where domestic companies are becoming more and more…

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YTD Market Update: US ↑, Rest of the World ↓

Writing market commentary is a challenging task as it is tempting to jump into many different topics. There are many market influencers and many…

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All Roads Lead To Beijing: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

What looks to be the single largest economic-development project in history, the Chinese-led Belt and Road Initiative will be officially unveiled in Beijing tomorrow at the…

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Mexican-American Standoff: A 20% Import Tax

President Trump intends to reshape the relationship between the United States and Mexico. From building a border wall to renegotiating NAFTA, there is a…

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