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Category: Retirement

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How to Get a College Education Without Mortgaging Your Future

A recent article discussing why college is so expensive had me thinking as to the true reasons. With two young children and many clients…

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6 Different Ways to Budget That Work

As a cash-flow based financial advisor, I have created hundreds of unique financial plans. Some plans focus on building passive income, while others focus…

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How to Retire Early in San Diego – A Guide to Early Retirement in Southern California

With employment levels near record levels, chances are that you are employed and working a full-time job. Yet, with the paychecks rolling in, you…

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Investing After Retirement

If you are nearing retirement, or are already retired, chances are pretty good that you are keeping a close eye on your portfolio. Retirement…

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Financial Mistakes to Avoid In Retirement

If you are looking forward to retirement, you aren’t alone. Most people look forward to the day where they can leave their day job…

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Benefits of Saving For Retirement Early

One of the joys of retirement is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your long years of labor. Retirement offers you the chance…

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Why Retirement Planning Is Important

Do you know what your target retirement age will be? Have you assessed what your costs will be post-retirement? Have you thought about your…

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Should I Rollover My 401k?

Though clients come to Bull Oak for a variety of San Diego financial services, a common question we’re asked is “should I rollover my…

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Rental Income and Retirement Planning

While there are many options for San Diego financial services, real estate questions are frequent and it’s important to consult a financial advisor when…

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